In what was supposed to be our longest MEGA episode to date, we recorded movie news, tv news, trailers, a Game of Thrones review, Shazam review, AND Pet Sematary review! BUT since we don’t go to church, the tech gods decided to jumble up all of tv news and trailers, so after the chopping block we ended up with just movie news, and reviews. Sorry!

News: Vin Diesel announces he has joined AVATAR! (crickets). Shazam sequel is in the works! RDJ’s Doctor Dolittle is having production troubles, and more!

Reviews: GAME OF THRONES IS BACK! Hear our breakdown on the long anticipated return of the best show on television. Then, Shazam! is a true departure for DC and we couldn’t be more happy with it. Finally, Pet Sematary is spelled stupid, and so is the final product.

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