GlitchUp’s Character Bracket: The Championship


    This is it. What we’ve all been waiting for. The cream of the crop in their respective media: Luke Skywalker represents the Movie Region; Chuck represents the TV Region; Yoshi (our beloved underdog) represents the Video Game Region; and Mega Man takes the last slot as the dark horse representing the Best of the Rest Region. Who will come out on top and bring honor to their form of entertainment? And who will fall short? Find out below, as we crown our first ever GlitchUp Character Bracket Champion.

    The Final Four

    (2) Luke Skywalker vs. (2) Mega Man

    This is the toughest matchup yet. Two characters who could have easily been 1 seeds in their regions, yet had fairly easy routes to the final four thanks to upsets and weak fields. This is going to be a battle of wits. They’ll both use their powers (the Force) or add-ons (whatever the hell Mega Man can figure to do with his blaster hand) and I think that cancels out. This comes down to who actually is better at basketball.

    Simply put, I’m going with the person who isn’t weighed down by metal armor. While Mega Man can shoot around in his spacesuit(?), it’ll only be a disadvantage when trying to move quickly against the most legendary Jedi in all of the distant galaxies. Luke is cunning and intelligent, he knows what to anticipate and how to combat it. He’s ready for Mega Man’s feeble attempts to blast on by, ready for his attempts to distort shots with wind blows. So at some point Mega Man has to just focus on quickness and agility, and that just won’t be there when you’re going against a supreme thinker and someone who is just wearing raggedy cloth.

    Our final two animated characters are gone. Long live humans.

    My winner: Luke Skywalker

    (1) Chuck vs. (8) Yoshi

    This is where the Cinderella story comes to an end. Like most, they were just happy to be here among the top dogs, thrilled to have surprised the fans. Yoshi has nothing to be sad about, and surely he is thrilled to have come out as the top dog of the video game region. Honestly, that regional final last round probably felt like the championship to him. Avenging his fallen Nintendo brethren, coming out as the top dog after being the last seed in the field. It is admirable.

    But, he is no match for Chuck. While it’ll take Chuck a short bit to understand what in the hell is happening as he plays a cartoon dinosaur, I still think Chuck just plays his game and moves on. He hasn’t had his big moment yet (though the matchup with Buffy was a huge one) and has his eyes set on the championship. He’s still playing with fun and enjoying it, and that laid back attitude will counteract any shock and confusion he initially has.

    Yoshi’s double jumps and sleek tongue strips will still be tough things to overcome, but Yosh is at the end of his rope. He just wants to go home. Our sweet little odd underdog finally lays it down.

    My winner: Chuck

    The Championship

    (2) Luke vs. (1) Chuck

    Oh man. The heavyweights have arrived. It’s tough to try to figure out how this bloodbath will go. Will it be a slaughter by the Force-wielding Luke, or a competitive rout by the most the nerdy Chuck? I think they might just decide it’s not for them. They’ll play and play, a stalemate, until they realize they have no desire for it. They both forfeit. They walk off, becoming best friends, leaving the game behind. A game that brought them nothing but enemies. But now, they move on. A life without basketball. A life they’ve been longing for. With a close friend that understands the struggle of being the best, the struggle of having no peer.

    Just kidding. This is a tense game. Back and forth. Luke sets aside overwhelming use of the Force to make it a closer matchup. You see, the Force is kind of a cheat. And Luke sees something different in Chuck. Something different from his other opponents. Chuck is just happy to be here. He seems to actually enjoy playing, doesn’t talk trash, just hoops. Luke respects that, and makes it a bit more even. Until, Luke sets aside his pride and starts using it after Chuck goes up 7-2 (remember, we’re playing to 11).

    Luke goes on a run. Chuck is taken aback by the apparent magic that Luke is using. This is even crazier than what the weird little anthropomorphic lizard was doing last round. Chuck is defeated, until his competitiveness finally shines. He’s battling, doing all he can to fight back against this weird force. This catches Luke, he loses focus, shocked at the resiliency of his competitor. With the game tied at 9-9, Chuck swipes the ball from Luke, steps back, and launches a three. Everyone watches with bated breath. It floats through the air, a perfect arc, a perfect rotation. Until…

    Luke uses the force to shift the ball just enough that it clanks off the rim. He grabs it. Strolls back. Flawlessly strokes a three. Game over. He goes to shake Chuck’s hand and as Chuck reaches out, Luke smirks and dissolves into thin air. George Lucas screams from the stands. Rian Johnson praises the sky. Chuck shrugs and moves on with is life.

    The Champion of the First Ever GlitchUp Character Bracket: Luke Skywalker


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