GlitchUp’s Character Bracket: An Introduction

    Character Bracket Intro

    Good morning to all! As March Madness has dawned on us, your trusty co-founders of GlitchUp wanted to get in on the action. So, we devised our own tournament. We picked 8 characters from each of the movie, TV, and video game modes of media (and then an extra 8 as best of the rest selections) and placed them into a bracket. But this isn’t what you’ve seen before. We’re not just picking who is a better character, who is more iconic, etc. We are getting topical and absurd with it.

    We are trying to find out which of these characters would win in a 1v1 game of basketball, to 11, scored by 1s and 2s. You’ve probably never thought about the athletic abilities of Godzilla, but now you have to. How about Yoshi? You think he can ball out like the best of ’em? Maybe Dennis Reynolds has been hiding some serious game amidst all of his sociopathic tendencies.

    We will be posting one round of each region per day for the next two weeks. Each one of us at GlitchUp will be writing our thoughts on the matchups and giving our picks for who would win in this absolutely ridiculous scenario. Then, after you read, you can go to our Instagram and Twitter accounts to vote for each matchup. Whichever character has the most votes after 24 hours (assuming each matchup garners a reasonable amount of votes) will move on.

    An important note on the thought experiment here: There will be some characters with extraordinary powers or size advantages or weapons, but, they are not allowed to just straight up injure/kill the other character. They are there to play basketball in this scenario, not duel or fight. For example, Godzilla can’t just breathe fire or whatever the hell he does and win by default. My guy has to put the ball through the hoop fairly. He laced up the shoes and is ready to dunk Frodo into oblivion.

    Tomorrow, we will post the first batch of matchups with the first round of the movie region. Then the TV region, video game region, and finally our “Best of the Rest” region. Then, next week the next round begins. And because I’m feelin’ nice and saucy today, I’m going to tell you who the characters in the bracket will be. Not the seeds though, I’m not that crazy. Gotta keep you readers guessing for a little bit.

    Your 2019 GlitchUp Character Bracket Selections


    Alien from A Quiet Place
    Happy Gilmore
    Luke Skywalker
    Edward Scissorhands
    Kevin McCallister


    Chuck Bartowski
    Michael Scott
    Rick Grimes
    Ross Gellar
    Jon Snow
    Dennis Reynolds

    Video Games

    Donkey Kong
    A car from Rocket League
    Master Cheif

    Best of the Rest

    Mega Man
    Baby Monkey Going Backwards on a Pig
    Roland Deschain
    Scooby Doo

    Let the games begin.


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