GlitchCast E56: Bumblebee & VICE Reviewed, Golden Globes Recap, & More!

Bumblebee & Vice Podcast

This week it’s another double feature review podcast! We break down the highly anticipated follow up to The Big Short by director and writer Adam McKay: VICE. Dick Cheney? More like Thicc Cheney. Then, a movie nobody asked for but most will enjoy, a reboot or prequel to the tired Transformers series: Bumblebee. BONUS: It’s not directed by Michael Bay, and guess what? IT’S GOOD!

Bonus News of the week: Golden Globes recap, Danny DeVito joins Jumanji, and Strangers Things: Summer-camp edition has a release date!

Trailers: (Mads Mikkelsen Edition)


  • News: 0:00-17:59
  • Trailers: 18:00-22:35
  • What Ya Watchin?: 22:36-42:20
  • Vice Non-Spoiler Review: 42:21-55:00
  • Vice Spoiler Review: 55:01-1:01:11
  • Bumblebee Non-Spoiler Review: 1:01:12-1:13:54
  • Bumblebee Spoiler Review: 1:13:55-end

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