So, the EIGHT movie in the Rocky Balboa Cinematic Universe (RBCU) is here! We saw it opening weekend and have recorded our half-baked insights for your listening pleasure. Creed II is directed by Steven Caple Jr., and stars Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson, and Dolph Lundgren. Does the latest in the RBCU have “sequel-itis” OR does it hit even harder than the original?

We also break down the hottest movie and tv news, trailers, and more. Bird of Prey’s title sounds like a Wes Anderson movie, Monster Hunter finally gets a synopsis, and the first 5 minutes of George R.R. Martin’s new show, Nightflyers, has hit the web!



  • News: 0:00-14:30
  • Trailers: 14:31-23:15
  • Creed Non-Spoiler Review: 23:16-36:50
  • Creed Spoiler Review: 36:51-end

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