As disappointed as you all are that we’re not reviewing Christopher Robin, I promise you we still have a great show for your ears! We’re reviewing a completely average Netflix dramedy: Like Father, and also recapping some of summer’s best television. We tackle: ‘whodunnit’ on Sharp Objects, whether or not Castle Rock is a Pennywise origin story, and the zaniest segments of Sasha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America.

In Movie and TV News: Fargo S4 to star Chris Rock, Pirates of the Caribbean is back baby, and Dennis will indeed be back for the latest It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season! Much more is covered, and of course we’ve got your weekly trailer breakdowns.



  • News: 0:00-23:30
  • Trailers: 23:31-29:45
  • What Ya Watchin: 29:46-34:47
  • Like Father: 34:48-41:02
  • Sharp Objects: 41:03-48:26
  • Castle Rock: 48:27-54:17
  • Who Is America: 54:18-end

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