GlitchCast E34: Skyscraper Review, Zombieland Sequel, And Yet Another Robocop

Skyscraper Reviewed

This week, we review the next movie you’ll see on TNT sometime soon: Skyscraper, starring The Rock! Are people starting to get Dwayne Johnson fatigue? Or is this a true homage to Die Hard x Towering Inferno?

We break down a ton of new trailers, and the top TV and Movie news of the week. Zombieland 2 is coming, and so is a Robocop ‘soft’ reboot? Plus, the Black Widow origin story is coming 10 years too late, like it or not!

PS – Andy apologizes for recording on the wrong damn device for the first 10 minutes!


  • Movie & TV News: 0:00-24:20
  • Upcoming Schedule: 24:21-25:40
  • Trailers: 25:41-34:54
  • Skyscraper Non Spoiler Review: 34:55-48:37
  • Skyscraper Spoiler Review: 48:38-end


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