This week, we review the origins story movie that nobody asked for: Solo! A troubled production, multiple directors, and actor swaps should have made this an absolute mess, but it was…fine? It’s looking like it might bomb at the box office, but word of mouth might help give it some legs. Hear our thoughts on yet another divisive story in the Star Wars saga, and the future of “Star Wars Stories”.

In other news: we talk Simon Pegg’s next movie, Bond 25, Shazam with Zachary Levi, and Liam Neeson joining the Men in Black. Also, The Expanse is saved, Sesame Street is suing, and Transformers movies might finally be dead!


  • Movie & TV News: 0:00-23:03
  • Solo Non Spoiler Review: 23:04-39:43
  • Solo Spoiler Review: 39:54-1:08:31
  • Star Wars Ranked: 1:08:32-end

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