GlitchCast E25: Rewatch – Deadpool 1! Infinity War Crosses $1B, and a Power Rangers/Transformers Crossover?


This week, there are legitimately no fun movies to review, so we thought we’d revisit the vulgar, immature, anti-hero Deadpool in preparation for DP2! We chronicle the long road to how Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool came to be, the drama surrounding the release, and the production troubles of DP2. Does Deadpool hold up on a rewatch? Is it as ridiculously funny, fresh, and bold as our ‘first time’? Will TJ Miller return for DP3? What happened to Tim Miller directing DP2? We break the fourth wall and answer all of this, and more.

Also of note: Is a Power Rangers vs. Transformers in the works now that Hasbro has acquired Power Rangers from Saban? Has Avengers: Infinity War made all the moneys? WTF does John Wick 3: Parabellum mean?



  • Intro Talk: 0:00-3:40
  • News: 3:41-23:35
  • Trailers: 23:36-29:02
  • Infinity War Backlash: 29:03-32:24
  • Deadpool: 32:25 – End

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