GlitchCast E23: A Quiet Place – Jim From The Office Is A Horror Genius?


After a long hiatus (Sorry! Andy was in New Zealand visiting Lord of the Ring sets!), we’re back with a review of A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski. Andy & Austin break down ridiculous news of the week including: A new DOOM movie, Nicolas Cage retirement, and Steven Spielberg tackling a DC flick. A handful of decent trailers are discussed as well, you won’t want to miss our thoughts on the Jason Statham vs. a Megalodon Shark movie.

Bonus! Check out our recent post: How Long Would Jim Halpert Survive In A Horror Movie?



  • New Zealand Visit Recap: 0:00 – 8:20
  • News: 8:21 – 27:03
  • Trailers: 27:04 – 32:27
  • A Quiet Place Non Spoiler Review: 32:28 – 39:43
  • A Quiet Place Spoiler Review: 39:44 – 57:00
  • Infinity War Expectations: 57:01 – end

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