Andy & Austin are back to bring you a review of possibly the GREATEST VIDEO GAME MOVIE EVER MADE! Tomb Raider did NOT have a tough time climbing to the top of a heap of trash movies to claim that title.

We break down news of the week including Shia LeBeouf playing his father in his own biopic, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth in an MIB reboot, and a new DC Superhero epic: New Gods! Trailer time ensues, and we then break down spoiler and non-spoiler reviews of the Alicia Vikander led Tomb Raider reboot.



  • 0:00-17:57 News
  • 17:58-27:27 Trailers
  • 27:28-35:44 VG Movie Talk
  • 35:44-44:40 Tomb Raider Non Spoiler Review
  • 44:41-End Tomb Raider Spoiler Review

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