GlitchCast E19: Black Panther Review, Call of Duty News, & Ryan Murphy Gets PAID

Is Marvel's latest entry the cats meow?-

GlitchCast Black Panther Review

“Dumpuary” (the act of movie studios dumping trash movies in January and February) is over! Marvel has pounced in to save the day with their release of the cultural phenomenon: Black Panther. Rawr!

News of the week: 00:00 – 22:43

We break down everything from the new CODCU (Call of Duty Cinematic Universe) to a TRUE Transformers reboot (not that fake-out that happened a few years ago). Plus – Ryan Murphy just gave FX the middle finger and got PAID for his ‘talents’. Did Netflix make the right call?

Trailers: 22:44 – 25:13

In our shortest trailer week ever, the latest entry in the “definitely not Madea” franchise is here with the Uncle Drew Teaser Trailer. 

What Ya Watchin: 25:14 – 34:03

Need some new recommendations? Skip Girls Trip, but watch Murder on the Orient Express (note to self: that is NOT Pierce Brosnan in the crazy mustache).

Black Panther Review: Non Spoilers 34:04 – 51:36

We give our general thoughts on the film without spoiling anything, and also provide our grades.

Black Panther Review: Spoilers 51:37 – end

Spoilers abound! Does Black Panther live up to the hype? Listen to our breakdown of every major plot point, characters, set-pieces, the soundtrack, and even the after-credit scenes.


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