• Platform: PS4
  • Publisher/Developer: Sometimes You
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Other systems: Switch, Steam

When reviewing games, I try to sometimes go easy on indie games. It’s not so much a bias as it is a realization that people generally will not give a great game a chance just because it uses pixel art or might be graphically underwhelming compared to something like Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty. That being said, there is another class of indies that take advantage of their audience and use the excuse of low funds or “we are a small team” to bring us a vile pile of swill.

Using bought assets and “borrowing” game elements from better games, these games are an insult to their intended audience and frankly to themselves. Energy Invasion is one of the latter type, and boy am I insulted.


The gameplay is as simple as the game it cribs from; the somewhat beloved classic Breakout. You bounce a ball off your paddle toward a bunch of Solar Fox cells bricks and in the only ounce of originality this thing has, the ball shoots other balls that actually break the bricks. You can bounce those too but it always seems like they are on the opposite side of the screen as your main ball.

Sometimes when you try to stop the ball from leaving the screen, you can trap it up against one of the side walls and it sticks there forever forcing you to restart the game. Having to restart the game is like asking a mugger to rob you again since you enjoyed it so much the first time.

There are three modes; Invasion mode, Linear mode (I swear to God that is really the name), and finally the evil promise of Endless mode. All three play the same, and you you feel like you’re being smacked in the mouth with a crowbar.

The cardinal sin of this mess is that it’s NEVER fun. It’s dull, it’s boring, and it’s repetitive. The only reason you EVER lose a ball is if it gets stuck or you fall asleep.


Left stick moves your paddle across the bottom to bounce the energy ball back and forth. The energy ball fires a shot you can ricochet in order to actually break the blocks you do this by pressing X. Pressing the right stick in whatever direction will determine which direction the energy ball fires. Yeah.



It’s Breakout with trippy backgrounds. You just know these people played Tempest 2000 or TxK and thought “Peoples like them purdy colors, slap that old screen saver on the background.” But the difference is that Tempest mastermind Jeff Minter actually know how to make a fun compelling game.

The blocks look like someone stuck on the set of that old arcade game Solar Fox and packed off a bunch of their energy cells. Maybe that’s the energy invasion the title speaks of.

And let’s talk about the PS4 dashboard icon. It features a woman fighting some kind of space aliens. What the hell happened to that game? I would surely give that one a try.


I have to admit the music by Nick R 61 is pretty good if you like house or techno at all. I don’t remember any sound effects at all but maybe they were drown out by my screaming.


It’s Breakout…with a twist! The twist is that it sucks! Glitchy as hell and twice as boring, playing the game for the roughly 3 hours it would take to get that “easy” platinum could kill lesser men.


  • It works
  • Plays like your classic favorites if they were boring and glitchy
  • It has a super easy Platinum trophy
  • It’s thankfully short


  • Game is prone to making you cry uncontrollability
  • Breakout and Solar Fox called and said something about lawyers
  • This is the THIRD game in this “series”! HOW?

Rating: D

Disclaimer: A digital copy of the game was provided by Sometimes You for review purposes. Why they disliked me enough to do so I’ll never know.



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