This week, we present yet ANOTHER very special GlitchCast! With us being in a movie release wasteland, we’re getting wacky again and bringing on two great, timely guests: Andy‘s wife (and Austin‘s sister), Sarah, and Austin’s girlfriend, Mads.

We crank through the hot Hollywood news of the week, break down some good and some very bad trailers, and hit you with two special segments to satisfy that Valentine’s mood. First, we talk Rom-Coms, and each give our picks for our personal Top 5. From Forgetting Sarah Marshall to 500 Days of Summer, our results were varied and some even controversial! Finally, using very scientific financial figures and weighted formulas we give you the ultimate Rom-Com that we’d create: from bromances to a prehistoric love affair, things got a little steamy this episode!

Trailer Breakdowns:


  • 0:00 – 15:42 | News
  • 15:43 – 43:39 | Trailers
  • 43:40 – 1:05:57 | Top 5 RomComs
  • 1:05:58 – End | Build Your Own RomCom

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