This week, we present a very special GlitchCast! We bring on guest Patrick_Gus to help ring in Super Bowl Sunday. We break down news of the week including Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers, Indiana Jones 5 on the way, and Passion of the Christ with ORIGINAL JESUS!

As we’ve got a bit of a dry spell with blockbuster movies to review, and since it’s Super Bowl weekend, we’re breaking down our top 5 favorite Sports movies. In our goofiest segment yet, we then draft a fictional character football team, with some controversial picks landing on each persons team. No superheroes allowed – but one of us finds a way around that.

Movie Trailer Breakdowns:


  • 0:00 – 15:05 News
  • 15:06 – 32:35 Trailers
  • 32:36 – 40:27 What ya Watchin?
  • 40:28 – 1:08:44 Top 5 Sports Movies
  • 1:08:45 – End: Fictional Character Football Draft

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