This week we tackle The Academy Award Nominations! Much like our full post, we go over the winners, losers, snubs and surprises. Armie Hammer and James Franco were robbed, and we’re shocked that Netflix finally has a showing! A wild Woody Harrelson appeared, but The Disaster Artist couldn’t follow it’s Golden Globes success. We follow up talking about good movies with talking about trash movies that we can’t help but love.

Of course, we break down this weeks hot news, from Michael Bay + John Cena = Duke Nukem, to Ryan Reynolds leading in a ‘Clue’ movie. Only one trailer this week which might not actually be for a movie? Yep, “Dundee” is confirmed to be a Super Bowl spot.


  • 0:00 – 18:30 News
  • 18:31 – 22:19 Trailers
  • 22:20 – 34:11 What ya Watchin?
  • 34:12 – 1:00:07 Oscar Noms Discussion
  • 1:00:08 – End: Bad Movies We Love

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