Due to the release of Cuphead people seem to think that the boss rush phenomenon just materialized out of thin air.  There was another console game that brought the genre to the masses, and that game was Furi. Offered to lucky PS4 owners as a Playstation Plus title upon its original release, Furi was a bit of an instant sensation. Striking visuals and a tough but fair learning curve made it a must play. Now some time later it has arrived on the Nintendo Switch. Does the game still hold its ground? And does the Nintendo Switch do it justice?


As I stated above this game is a boss rush battle. Your character moves from battle to battle with no filler whatsoever. In between boss battles he walks to the next encounter while the story pieces together amongst the battles.

Boss encounters are tough and challenging, and each battle has multiple phases which generally start with a ranged battle before moving in closer to a sword or melee battle. These multilayered fights are pretty unique and a add a level of variety a game like this normally does not have. You and the boss have a number of lives to chip down, but the boss always has more than you do.


As the game goes on even the nature of the boss battles changes with the phases changed up or even something different and new. The bosses also play a pivotal part in the mystery of the games storyline.


Controls are as follows; Left stick moves, Right stick shoots in the ranged battles, L and ZL are your dodge, R and ZR are a charged shot, X and Y are slash, A is parry, and b is also a dodge. Hitting Y repeatedly makes your combos, Holding Y gives you a charged stun slash, Holding B gets you a charged dodge, Y and B together holds you charged slash while you dodge, and holding R gets you a charged shot.

This may seem complicated buy it becomes second nature pretty quick and you will have to utilize all these skills in order to move on.


Graphics are thankfully very colorful and sharp. A lot of folks were concerned about Furi making the jump from the more powerful systems to the lowly Switch, but the game performs just fine both docked and undocked with only very occasional and minimal frame dips.



The music for the game comes from a variety of indie artists like Carpenter Brut, Waveshaper and several more. The industrial beats pull you into the mysterious story and the meaty sound effects during the fights also add to the tension. Add ambient sound effects like lightning and you have an aural experience that equals the rest of the game.


Furi is a very compelling game. Once you beat it you don’t get all the answers, but there is another battle after the credits you can engage if you want it all spelled out. Either way, the experience of Furi is definitely worth your time!


  • Great visuals
  • Incredible soundtrack
  • Feels rewarding when you take a boss down


  • High learning curve at first
  • Story is cool but can feel incomplete

Rating: A

Disclaimer: A digital copy of the game was provided by The Game Bakers for review purposes.


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