We’re back with some dark, depressing, and sometimes terrifying television in the new season of Black Mirror! We’ll also be breaking down some ridiculous news of the week, and review some good, and not so good trailers.

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  • 0-1:38 Ads
  • 1:39-20:15 News
  • 20:16-25:56 Trailers
  • 25:57-40:10 What Ya Watchin
  • 40:11-46:02 Ep1 – USS Callister
  • 46:03-48:18 Ep2 – Arkangel
  • 48:19-52:29 Ep3 – Crocodile
  • 52:30-54:57 Ep4 – Hang the DJ
  • 54:58-57:04 Ep5 – Metalhead
  • 57:05-end Ep6 – Black Museum

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