A game featuring a stickman might not seem like the most exciting thing ever, but would getting to make your own stickman draw you in? What about setting off on a quest to save a storybook covered in ink from a nemesis that you created? Pencil in some RPG elements and a cute story and you have Draw A Stickman: Epic 2!


The game starts off by tasking you to draw your own stickman. This can be done with either the touchscreen or by holding down ZL or ZR and using a control stick. Then, you are asked to draw a friend the same way. If you do happen to be gifted with artistic talent, the tools can definitely be used to do better than a stickman. Once that’s done the game begins.


Your newly drawn friend gets rowdy and escapes the paper the two of you are drawn on. As he escapes, he knocks over some ink, covering and thus corrupting himself. He then dives into a storybook shredding the pages as he enters. Your stickman follows in order to set right what your frenemy has wrought.

Thus begins eight levels of action packed delight. Levels are covered with ink which can be cleared by drawing leaves on trees (to be honest I just scribbled green) which clears surrounding ink and opens up more of the level. As the game goes on, you will get the chance to draw more tools for you. These tools range from things like pickaxes, swords, and so on. You can also find color buddies that give you new colors to draw with which open up new effects.


As mentioned previously drawing is done with either the touchscreen or ZL or ZR with the control stick. Left stick moves you around while attacking or using your tool is A. Y opens your map and X opens drawing mode. Pretty simple right? But it gets the job done.


As you can imagine a game featuring the antics of stickmen isn’t going to be a graphical powerhouse but the style and humor of the game shine through in the deceptively simple graphics. It’s a pretty impressive feat to be able to animate anything drawn by the player. The levels are varied and the ink creatures you face are sufficiently creepy.



Like everything else the music is simple, but effective. The peppy beats when out of danger take on a darker turn when you find yourself in a sticky situation and in general the music has a good variety. Sound effects are serviceable, but nothing impressive.


Who would have thought a game featuring a stickman would be so much fun? The drawing mechanic keeps the game fresh, as does drawing your own characters, weapons, and tools. The game also includes the add on Drawn Below, which adds new story levels, at no extra cost.


  • It’s fun drawing your own characters and weapons!
  • Lots to do and find


  • Kind of easy
  • Playing docked is a little awkward at times

Rating: B

Disclaimer: A digital copy of the game was provided by Hitcents.com for review purposes.


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