This week, we give our hot-takes on the unusually somber Golden Globes! From Tommy Wiseau of The Room nearly able to give an acceptance speech for a James Franco win, to how Seth Meyers tiptoed around the current state of Hollywood to still create a damn funny show.

We also rapid-fire review what’s coming in 2018 with a list of 40 — yes FORTY movies — we may or may not be looking forward to this year. You know Deadpool 2 is coming, but did you know a movie where Jason Statham fights a 70 FOOT shark is in the works? As per usual, we’ve got some steaming hot news (Kitty Pride movie? Big Bang is finally ending? The D.E.N.N.I.S. system isn’t ending?) and trailer breakdowns.

PS – Love the show? Hate the show? Let us know anonymously via – we want to get better, so tell us how to!

Trailers of the week:


  • News 0:00-16:01
  • Trailers 16:02-27:47
  • Golden Globes Reactions 27:48-40:09
  • Most Anticipated Movies of 2018 40:10-end

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