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Mixing such diverse genres as platforming, puzzle, and racing, was certainly a bold move for developer Freshly Squeezed. Most times a mash-up like this is a jack of all trades, but master of none situation. Can the story of a lost and broken robot trying to get home buck this trend?


You play as a slightly broken robot whom I have affectionately come to refer to as LTL-BDY. He falls from his ship finding himself lost on a strange new world. LTL-BDY must chase through multiple levels speeding along, solving puzzles and engaging in some light platforming. There are no real enemies to speak of, just the terrain providing any kind of challenge. That being said, as your robot is damaged you have to use what you have in order to pass that terrain.


The robot can magnetize to the ground to build up speed when he is going downhill and when going uphill you would release the magnet. You can also do a short burst to get up larger hills if need be. There are bounce fields and ramps you can use to get air. Once airborne, you can magnetize to higher up surfaces in order to get through the huge maps.

There are several areas but none of them take too long to conquer. Luckily, once you beat the game, time trials open up so that you can rank your times on leaderboards. There are also lots to collectables to go after which can add replay value to an otherwise brief adventure.


I personally had some trouble getting used to the controls at first, but once you play through a bit they quickly become second nature. R2 magnetizes down hills, O gives your broken engine a small boost for hill climbing, and Triangle attaches you to higher up surfaces for shooting up walls or hanging from surfaces upside down.


On the plus side, Defunct is a pretty good looking game, and the robot has lots of animations and fine detail which gives him personality. The courses you speed through are all well designed and lush. Towards the end some of it does feel repetitive but it does look good nonetheless.



The music is leisurely and does a fine job of setting the mood for your trek through the jungle-like planet. Sound effects are fine but nothing out of the ordinary.


Defunct is a fun mash up of several genres. The game plays well once you get used to the controls and the sound and graphics really help set the mood for your adventure. The only real complaint is the length, as it’s possible to plow through the game in a couple of hours, but there are time trials and collectibles to stretch that if you are so inclined.


  • Looks great with varied environments
  • Despite being a mash-up of several genres, it feels fun in its own right


  • Game is kind of short
  • Controls take some getting used to

Rating: B

Disclaimer: A digital copy of the game was provided by Soedesco for review purposes.


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