Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure has been a steady favorite here at Glitchup since its release almost two years ago. Needless to say I was not only shocked but elated to see a new DELUXE edition exclusively on my new favorite system. Having put in so much time with the original we couldn’t help but wonder if Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXE is worth a double dip or is it a foul?


Stikbold is the tale of Bjorn and Jerome, two former dodgeball champs. Having lost last year’s match, they must fight their way back to the top. Everyone from their evil coach, to hippies, to great whales and lord knows what else gets in their way.


Stikbold has both campaign and, thankfully, multiplayer modes. The campaign can be played solo with the computer playing either Bjorn or Jerome depending on which one you choose, or it can be played co-op with a friend. Each match in the campaign will take place in a different location depending on whichever crazed way the story takes you. The locations are visibly varied but despite their appearance there is not much difference between them.

You will typically face off against two or more opponents and whoever takes three matches first wins. Every so often there will be boss battles where the twosome will both face off against a larger menace like a killer whale and so on. To say any more would ruin the fun of discovering all the insane adversaries on your own. As you play through the campaign there are optional challenges for you to complete. Every time you beat an area you unlock new characters for the multiplayer. If you complete all the challenges you unlock more.


Multiplayer consists of either free-for-all or team matches for up to six players in up to three teams. There are also several new mini games in this edition, but the biggest addition on this front is “The Wheel of Rumpus”. The Wheel can be set up with the first to five, seven or nine winning. Even multiplayer can be played solo with the use of bots with multiple difficulty levels, but of course it’s preferable to have humans to play with if you can.


Controls are pretty simple: Left stick moves, right stick aims your throw.  ZR throws the ball and also can be used as push to knock the ball out of your opponents hands.  ZL is your dodge, with proper timing you can use this button to catch the ball when it’s thrown at you. The right stick can also curve the ball after it’s thrown which adds a little bit of skill to the proceedings.



The graphics are blocky and retro which fits perfectly with the 70’s aesthetic the game is going for. Everything is very colorful and vibrant. Character designs are wild and hilarious and feel like they came straight out of a low budget grindhouse film from 42nd street. The costumes are even “cheap” as to go along with the joke.


While the sound made when a dodgeball smacks down someone is nice, but it is the range of funky 70’s style music that steals the show. The funk fully complements the look of the game and they melt together into pure 70’s bliss.


Stikbold was already great fun the first time around, but the addition of more players and the new Wheel of Rumpus multiplayer mode only makes this package stronger. If you want a fun couch co-op or multiplayer game you could certainly do worse. If you have any affection for dodgeball and/or the 70’s, this game is a match made in heaven.

If you tried the earlier version and didn’t care for it I seriously doubt this would change your mind. If you tried it before and liked it, there is plenty of new stuff to dig into. It’s a lot of fun and I recommend it highly!



  • More players means more fun!
  • The Wheel of Rumpus is a great addition
  • 70’s vibe is perfect for this game


  • Most of the game is the same as last time

Rating: A+

Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXE is available exclusively on Nintendo eShop™ and launches January 4th, 2018 with a limited 20% discount the first 14 days.

Disclaimer: A digital copy of the game was provided by Game Swing for review purposes.

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