Anticipation Week continues with our picks for what video games we’re most excited for.



Austin: I’ve been debating getting a PS4 for months now (that sweet taste of MLB video gameplay is too much to resist), and I may have sealed the deal when researching for my pick here.

Seeing a new Spider-Man game coming out jolted me awake in this lackadaisical week. While it hurts that it is a Playstation exclusive (as I do not own one), Spidey centered games have always been awesome. Playing the old PS2 games probably wouldn’t be as great today, but they still presented the awesome ability to climb the tallest buildings, roam the city, and do all the dicking around you wanted. The freedom to explore and play around however you wanted (just like a young Peter Parker learning his abilities) with one of the cooler superheroes always made the games a notch above the rest.

The best aspect of Spiderman games were climbing to the top of the tallest building and free-falling off, waiting until you were feet from the ground and slinging away speedily through the city streets. There is nothing more thrilling. Being able to do it with the current, best gaming tech? I might vomit doing those free-falls. Still will be worth it.

There isn’t a specified release date yet but once there is, this guy typing right now will be putting a bundle pre-order for a PS4 and Spider-Man in less time than you can bend your fingers into the iconic webslinger motion.

Honorable Mentions: Days Gone; Jurassic World Evolution; Vampyr


Anthem Xbox One X

Andy: The Anthem gameplay reveal at 2017’s E3 was probably one of the coolest gameplay teasers I’ve ever seen. As an Xbox One X owner, I’m very excited to play a game that is actually built from the ground up for the console. Anthem has you jumping into an exosuit called “Javelins”, which are basically part Titanfall, part Iron Man suit, with many different styles and customizations..

The massive open-world is gorgeous, and looks to hold a steady frames per second even when blasting off at crazy speeds in your exosuit. Everything in the world is dynamic, which means while you might be heading toward a mission, you’ll run into another mission unfolding right in front of you. Or maybe a massive electrical storm plows through your current mission, and you have to adjust your playstyle accordingly.

As a huge fan of the multiplayer aspects of developer Bioware’s Mass Effect series, this game is definitely my #1 most anticipated game of 2018.

Honorable Mentions: Metroid Prime 4; Sea of Thieves; any Rocket League updates.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the will of the Wisps

Pat: While Ori and the Will of the Wisps doesn’t yet have a confirmed 2018 release date, I still have to put it in as my most anticipated title and just keep my fingers crossed for it to hit this year. The first Ori game totally blew me away. It had an incredible soundtrack, drop dead gorgeous art style and animation, wonderfully paced gameplay loop, and touching story. Every part of the game struck a chord with me and was one of the most surprisingly enjoyable games in years (seriously, if you haven’t heard of this series, do yourself a favor and at least watch a trailer). 

Ori and the Will of the Wisps, from what little we’ve seen of it, should retain the original’s challenging but rewarding Metroidvania style gameplay. In my opinion, the game really doesn’t have to do much but build upon the already fantastic foundation they’ve created. Nothing makes me more excited than hearing this quote from Thomas Mahler (one of the lead developers):

“Will of the Wisps should be to Blind Forest what Super Mario Bros 3 was to the original Super Mario Bros.”

Give me more of what I loved about the first one, throw in some new upgrades and traversal mechanics, and keep my eyes bleeding from those stunning environments, and I’ll be first in line for this little guardian spirits new adventure.

Honorable Mentions: Red Dead Redemption 2; Anthem; Hollow Knight; Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World


Chandler: Grab some friends and gear up for the latest installment into the critically acclaimed RPG. If you haven’t experienced Monster Hunter yet, now is the perfect time. The core mechanics create a very immersive experience that’s not too overly complicated at the beginning – basically grab some weapons, fight monsters, loot, then get paid. As your character progresses their hunting abilities improve and more loot is collected from fallen foes that can be used to create better equipment. The environments are expansive and it’s diverse landscape plays a vital role as players strategically use the surrounding environment to take out some ferocious beasts. The heart-pounding battles are intense at times and that’s ultimately what makes it so addicting. When you get deeper into the game, the monsters get bigger and harder to take down thus offering your character more customization opportunities from the variety of loot they receive.

Monster Hunter World will introduce some new elements such as a living, breathing ecosystem where monsters behave independently with the world on their own as well as new weapons and classes. Check out a more in-depth list here.

Thankfully, this game comes out soon so at least you won’t have to wait long.

Honorable Mentions: Anthem; Red Dead Redemption 2

A Way Out


Smithers ( I know it’s coming from EA, but the idea of a cooperative split screen game shot in this fashion is tough to resist. I long for the days of sharing a couch with a friend and having being able to blame each other for screwing up and ruining the game. A Way Out looks to be heavy on the narrative as well, bringing in film director Josef Fares to lay down the story.

Split screen co-op is not a new idea, but this is certainly a fresh take. A Way Out follows Leo and Vincent, two convicts that are planning a prison break and need to avoid the fuzz. Each character will have different roles to play to complete objectives, so no one is stuck being the backup to player one a la Luigi. Teamwork makes the dream work, baby.

Honorable Mentions: Red Dead Redemption 2; Far Cry 5; Spider-Man

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