Nintendo recently held a Nindies showcase and while several new titles were announced (like Floor Kids!), it was a port of an obscure mobile game that got people talking. That game was “Mom Hid My Game!”, and I cannot remember the last time such an odd game caught gamers collective attention.


The game consists of fifty puzzles, and opens with a young boy who is way too hooked on his generic game system. The boy is never named but I have affectionately come to refer to him as “Little Buddy”.

Instead of just saying no, Mom hides the system in a number of increasingly bizarre situations. The game starts off almost too simple with incredibly simple and basic puzzles. Sometimes you must find items to use to get at a hiding place, but beware, some items are red herrings just to confuse or confound Little Buddy.


As the game goes on, Mom really ratchets up the psychological warfare. She comes up with really odd hiding places and even resorts to bringing in your family, zoo animals, sports teams, aliens and more in her efforts to stop Little Buddy. Any time you think you have seen it all you turn out to be very, very wrong.


The game is played like a point and click adventure, you click on items and places on the screen, eventually ramping up to multiple screens that you must navigate between. Both Joycon and touch controls can be used, however, it seems like a couple of puzzles are next to impossible unless you use the touch controls.


The game looks as generic as can be, which I kind of think is part of the joke. The art used is sloppy and almost unprofessional looking. That being said all that adds to the surreal nature and adds to it in a way, I would says it’s perfect for this game.


The sound here was definitely an afterthought, as it literally consists of Little Buddy yelling “Mama!” when caught and a horn constantly blaring as the “music”. Perhaps the sound design is supposed to be symbolic of the psychological torture Little Buddy is receiving from Mom.



Too surreal to be taken seriously, Mom Hid My Game is a fun little time waster that can be completed in a couple of  hours if your mind is warped the right way. The entire presentation is suspect and cannot be accepted at face value. And the ending of the game is either uplifting or insulting as hell to gamers, I can’t tell which, I go back and forth. At the end of the day, the price point, $4.99, is pretty perfect for what you get.


  • Surreal and hilarious
  • Some puzzles are brain benders
  • You never know what to expect next


  • Puzzles run out of steam toward the end
  • Generic graphics
  • That ending?!

Rating: B

Disclaimer: A digital copy of the game was provided by KEMCO for review purposes.


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