Enigma studios has announced Mini Wheels, a cart racing title with a twist; a compelling single player story is featured in addition to the multiplayer racing thrills. Here’s what they have to say:

Do you enjoy playing karting games? Whether it’s Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing or any other title in the genre? Well…who doesn’t!

These games were extremely entertaining, but what if you could change one thing about them? For us, it would have to be the single-player mode. When starting development of our game, we realized there was really no meaningful stories in these titles. So we asked ourselves:

“What if we combined the best elements from the classic karting games to make Mini Wheels even more fun and added an engaging story on top of it?”

Mini Wheels will include:

  • Engaging story: Help Pipo – the lost and lonely toy – find the way back to his favorite human through an action-packed series of races
  • 4 game modes: Racing, Capture the Flag, Burnout and Boss Battle
  • On track power-ups that spice up each race with extra long super slides
  • Local multiplayer mode for classic arcade racing fun with friends and family
  • Online multiplayer component
  • Customizable karts – change both their visual and driving parameters

The game is built in Unreal Engine 4 and will launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2018.

Our Thoughts? Mini Wheels looks to do something different with the Kart racing genre and we cannot wait to check it out in early 2018. Look for a full review here at GlitchUp when the game is released!


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