Platform: Nintendo Switch

Also on: PS4, Xbox One, Steam

Publisher/ Developer: Voofoo Studios

Number of Players: 1

Are you finished with Mario Kart and looking for another racer to get your motor running? Top down racer Mantis Burn Racing tries to scratch that racing itch by using the Micro Machines style to take home the gold. This deluxe version ships with all the DLC previously released on other systems. Going for the value proposition, is Mantis Burn Racing relevant in a Mario Kart dominated racing world?

Gameplay: Mantis Burn Racing consists of two main modes: single player campaign, and of course, multiplayer. The single player mode consists of several seasons of which the first two are fairly easy just to ease you into playing, but once you hit the pro circuit the difficulty increases. At this point you need to get your skills up and drifting becomes a necessity.

Every mistake is punished, but once you learn the trac and, get your car upgraded to your style of driving, and drift, drift, drift you have a chance of making it big. Upgrading and using money earned from completing races is paramount to success. Sometimes the difference between victory and a crushing loss can be down to something as simple as changing your tires.

Mantis Burn Racing Snow

In addition to just racing there are other challenges like time trials and lot of other play modifiers. This keeps you on your toes as you often have to worry about more than just finishing the race to win. There is also a Battle Mode included just to spice things up. This was DLC in the original release on other systems so it is a welcome addition to the Nintendo Switch version of Mantis Burn Racing.

The online mode is pretty basic for the genre but it’s fast and fun with the chaos that only racing against other humans can provide. The only problem I had with racing online is that it can be hard to get into a game, either because of matchmaking or lack of players. This is especially baffling as apparently there is cross play with other systems.

Also included is local splitscreen multiplayer for when you like to look into your opponents eyes as you boost past them. This supports up to four players and there is a cool face-to-face mode when the Nintendo Switch is undocked using joycons that is great for racing on the go.

Controls: The games controls are pretty standard for this kind of game. Left stick steers, ZR accelerates, ZL brakes and drifting requires use of both buttons. The cars will seem finicky to start but as you play more the controls become second nature. There are limited motion controls, but in the later circuits and multiplayer modes these are much more trouble than they are worth.

Graphics: Despite being a top down 2-D racer, Mantis Burn Racing boasts some impressive visuals with lots of color and variety in track design. Each different circuit and individual race all look unique for the most part and are well designed. The cars also look very cool and have a unique visual style.

Mantis Burn Racing Desert

Music/Sound: Crashes, engine sounds, and other ambient sound effects all really help with the immersion and sound very convincing. The music, however, is nothing to write home about and if it wasn’t for the fact that the same song repeats in the menus I wouldn’t remember any of the music.

Summary: There is certainly a lot to do in Mantis Burn Racing and the addition of DLC modes like Battle Mode surely helps with that. The game is a blast in multiplayer and the Career mode will keep you busy for a while. However, once you complete Career, the iffy matchmaking for online will leave you with nothing much to do unless you have friend to beat on your couch.


  • Micro Machines Nostalgia!
  • Lots of content, lots to do.
  • Runs smooth and looks good.
  • Great value for money.


  • Despite the tons of content. some is repetitive.
  • After a point, there’s not much to keep you playing.
  • Finding an online game can be problematic.

Rating: B

Disclaimer: A digital copy of the game was provided by Voofoo Studios for review purposes.



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