• Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Also on: PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Steam, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Windows, Mac
  • Publisher/ Developer: 10tons
  • Number of Players: 1

Tennis star Pete Pagassi lost his career due to an addiction to energy drink Explodz. He was so addicted he tried to break in to the drink’s factory headquarters. Now Pete seeks revenge against the evil Explodz company but he must fight his way through an entire town addicted to the energy drink. 10tons brings their wacky form of comedy to the physics-based puzzle game genre, but is it a hit?

Tennis in the face 1

Gameplay: Tennis in the Face started off as a mobile title and has been adapted to many additional platforms since then. Naturally, 10tons has gotten pretty good at taking mobile experiences and flawlessly converting them to console titles.

The game is a physics-based puzzle title, and contains over 100 levels overall, but you’ll start with access to only about 10. In order to unlock more of the map and get the rest of the levels you will need to crown levels. This is done by completing the level under a certain number of balls.

Levels are cleared by bouncing your tennis balls off of walls and many other obstacles in order to take out the various folks trying to stop you from getting to the Explodz plant to enact your revenge. As you move through the game, the levels become more complex with many different kinds of obstacles and explosive items that give you ways to form chain reactions. Like many puzzle games, Tennis in the Face is one of those games that always seems to make you think “Just one more level!”, and then hours have passed.

Tennis in the face 1

Controls: Pete serves the ball by either aiming using the control stick or with touch controls if your Switch is undocked. Controls are pretty straightforward: when using the controller, just aim the pitch where you want the ball to go, let go of the stick and off it goes. If using the touchscreen, just touch where you want the ball to go, then release, and POW!

Graphics: Despite its mobile origins, Tennis in the Face has a great style and fun character designs. Over the course of the game you will encounter everything from clowns, to hipsters, to riot police. It’s a crazy cast and the artwork suits it perfectly. Everything is exaggerated to a hilarious effect and it makes you want to keep playing to see what they came up with next.

Music/Sound:  The sound design is especially well done and impressive. From the meaty whacks when you hit a clown, to the many explosions you will cause, it comes across very satisfyingly. The music, however, is nothing overly memorable but it’s peppy and suits the game well.

Summary: Tennis in the Face is a fun little physics-based puzzle game that keeps you interested through sheer insanity. The price is certainly right for what you get and there is plenty of explosive fun to be had. Don’t hold the fact it’s a mobile game ported over to the Switch throw you off, as the game is polished and most importantly, a ton of fun.


  • Lots of puzzles
  • Great art style and attitude
  • Pick up and play


  • Gets a little repetitive toward the end
  • Unremarkable music

Rating: B

Disclaimer: A digital copy of the game was provided by 10tons for review purposes.


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