Trailer Roundup: November 17th


Wooooooo! We back. It has been a very, very, very slow time for trailers the past few weeks. So slow that I have completely forgone writing them up. A trailer a week isn’t enough. But luckily, that changes now. The past few days have given us some new, hypable trailers, teasers, and somewhat promo type clips. Whatever, we need it. We deserve it. Let’s roll.


GEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Not what I would be expecting based on the Rampage game, but, alright. This feels like something The Rock puts out every year and he seems significantly less charismatic than usual which is a bit troubling. I mean, I guess I’m in it because there has to be a sequence where The Rock gets injected with some of that stuff GEEEEOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRGGEEEEE gets dosed with, and then we get to see a 50 foot tall Rock running around Chicago.

Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald

So, this isn’t really a trailer but let me feast on this for a second as a Harry Potter nerd…OK, quick thoughts: Johnny Depp still looks like a fucking idiot and they should not have gotten rid of Colin Farrell the way they did, because Colin Farrell is exponentially better than Johnny Depp in almost every single facet; Jude Law beard game strong; sup, Leta Lestrange?

A Quiet Place

Ok, outside some plot hole-y logic (what happens if ya boy farts? Does no one snore in this universe? No one clear their throat? Hmmmmmm.) this looks great. John Krasinski hasn’t had a stellar directorial record, and leaping into sci-fi(?) horror is an interesting shift, but hey, it looks solid. The way he makes the movie play with sound will be a big aspect of its success, and I’m sure there’s some big twist that’ll happen about 75% in, but I am still very much here for it. Very kind of him to appear on screen with his wife for the first time in a terrifying movie.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool marketing team still got it!

Game Night

Listen to our thoughts on this on our latest podcast.

The Post

Listen to our thoughts on this on our latest podcast.


Easy was a decent enough watch in the first season. Coming from Joe Swanberg (Drinking Buddies, Win It All), the master of mumblecore, stories set in Chicago based on a bunch of sometimes intertwining characters experiencing various hardships in relationships, work, life, sex, etc. were somewhat entertaining. Easy is like a series of stories about shit that you literally could go over to a friends house and not be surprised if you heard the same story. The show excels because we like watching famous people do stuff and because they give elevated performances and offer a little more insight and execution into the thoughts many people have in these basic, simple, low stakes problems experienced every single day. It may sound like I am harping on it, I’m not trying to, it just is something that you either enjoy or don’t. If you like watching relatable stuff that doesn’t have the overbearing drama in certain “white-problems” movies or shows, or desire a clear cut climax or solution, this won’t be for you. If you can survive that, hop right in. This looks a bit more entertaining than last season (nice to see Dave Franco back, who had the best two eps last year) especially thanks to Aubrey Plaza and Joe Lo Truglio seemingly hunting down a package stealer.


Chicago stayin’ prevalent. Nice. Here’s a very, very different slice of life look at Chicago living. This looks significantly better, in terms of dramatic flair and emotional punch. It looks pretty damn good. While the trailer lacks any plot points, which I don’t think the main point of the show will be its plot, it still reels you in and shows you just the kind of balance you’ll get between humor (Lena Waithe stars in and writes for Master of None) and heavy material that most prestige television excels at.


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