GlitchCast E06: Halloween Special with LukeOfHorror from Orion Pictures!

Spooky podcast time!


Happy Halloween! This week we’ve got a very special Halloween spooktactular episode for our listeners! We bring a special guest to the pod, Luke LaBeau, VP of Digital Marketing of Orion Pictures, to discuss Horror, the movie industry, and his favorite underrated films. Luke breaks down his rise in the Horror movie industry, from his humble beginnings at a now defunct movie channel FEARnet, his transition to Blumhouse Tilt, and his journey to resurrect the movie studio Orion Pictures.

As per usual, we’ve got Movie and TV news of the week from 0:00 to 43:48 with some very surprising movie casting news, our interview with ‘LukeOfHorror‘ from 43:49 to 1:26:18, and ‘What Ya Watchin’ recommendations from 1:26:19 to the end.

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