Trailer Roundup – October 13th


BOO. On the spookiest day of the year, cozy up quick and watch some good old fashioned trailers. We’re a bit short on movie previews this week but that is more than made up for by what feels like a bajillion TV teasers. As always, they are all below for your viewing pleasure. Sound off in the comments or tweet us with which of these you’re looking forward to most!

The New Mutants

In simple terms: HOLY SHIT. I have been a big advocate of putting genre spins on superhero movies for awhile now. The superhero genre itself has dominated the past 10-15 years, with pretty consistent tones and storylines across all franchises. With Deadpool raking it in as a hard R raunchy flick and Logan attacking the character in a gritty, dark, western form to fruitful results, it’s clear Fox is allowing the superhero stories to be taken in new creative directions. God bless. Seeing the X-Men universe (no, none of your beloved characters we’ve seen 14 million times, but rather a different roster) in a horror scope is unbelievably exciting.


This premise is actually pretty different and fairly funny. It’s a nice flip on the comedy stories we see a la American Pie where high schoolers just want to do the dirty. That said, this trailer leaves a bit to be desired. All three leads are hilarious, and although it was so dumb I’d be lying if that butt chug scene didn’t make me chuckle. We’ll see if this movie ends up being more than a reliance on the “adults can be raunchy and swear a lot and talk about dirty things too!” category.

Stranger Things S2: Final Trailer

That’s 2 for 2 on amazing trailers. My body is struggling to survive the next two weeks without this.


Anton Yelchin’s last role here. RIP. It looks like a thoroughly entertaining one, doesn’t fully spell out the entire movie in the trailer, and provides some clear context on the tone to expect. Gimme all that dark humor.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Hello, my name is Austin and I am a Star Wars hater and ultimately a Star Wars truther, really. Guess what? This wasn’t the greatest trailer of all time. Everyone went bonkers over it though. Cool. Nerds. It’s a trailer for something that everyone is excited for so obviously the response is going to be overblown. There is some cool visuals, thankfully, so hopefully Rian Johnson was actually able to imbue some of his creativity and genius eye into the making of this without full on studio control. It looks dope, but hey, chill out everyone freaking out. Get another hobby and interest. Also, always good to remember, Lord of the Rings is better. Also also, Mark Hamill might suck at acting. Sorry! Someone had to say it. Also also also, shout out the marketing team who made this trailer and literally make every other shot a clear fakeout on the plot. Hater out.

Longmire: Final Season

Had to put this in here simply because that thumbnail for the video is epic.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Oh, I am fully here for a self-aware parody of JCVD. Hell yeah.


Full disclosure: Someone on Facebook shared this trailer earlier this week, I watched the first 30 seconds and I legitimately thought it was a fanmade trailer so I turned it off. It just looks like a show that is fake. I’m now biased and have no real thoughts because even though I know it’s a real show now, I will never lose the thought that they hired some amateur Youtuber to make this teaser.


Whaaaaaat. Steven Soderbergh steady reinventing filmmaking and distribution techniques. Some sort of choose your adventure, build your own plotline, super interactive storytelling kinda thing here. I don’t think this kind of thing will ever be commonplace, or honestly happen again in the mainstream, but I am significantly intrigued.

Castle Rock

Stephen King adaptations: CAN’T BE STOPPED, WON’T BE STOPPED. I have no idea if this is some sort of anthology thing, if these are all going to be connected stories, or what is going on but it sure looks like a good cup of horror, psychological, thriller tea.

Jack Ryan: Full Trailer

Heyyo, full trailer for Jim Halpert: Muscular Secret Agent Man this time around.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Man, this was a good week of trailers. Philip K. Dick is one of the most famous, greatest authors ever and seeing an influx of adaptations of his work is exciting. Developing an anthology series, somewhat akin to Black Mirror, focusing on future-y sci-fi stories is what hits are made of.


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