GlitchCast E04: Blade Runner 2049 Review, Fast & Furious Drama, Tremors TV Show, & More!

Denis Villeneuve is the best director in Hollywood right now. Fight us.

GlitchCast Episode 4: Blade Runner 2049

Welcome to Episode 4 of GlitchCast, with a runtime to rival the movie we reviewed: Blade Runner 2049. We go over all the movie (0:00-23:20) and TV news (23:21-34:18), from Fast and Furious drama to Netflix raising prices. Then we breakdown all the latest trailers (34:19-53:17), and go long on the masterpiece that is Blade Runner 2049 (53:18-end, spoilers begin at 1:05:30). Thanks for listening, and remember to subscribe, review, share, and check out!

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