Trailer Roundup – September 29th


We’re back! A week without a trailer roundup is barely a week at all, so we apologize for the miss last week. But, we’re here now with the best, most important trailers of the week to set off your weekend and prep you for the upcoming releases. Check them all out below!

Father Figures

Originally titled Bastards and set to premiere a year ago, Father Figures has had a rocky path. Not through fault of its own, however. A failing studio delayed the release, just like another comedy featuring Owen Wilson. Finally, though, it will see the light of day. Father Figures looks like a run of the mill comedy, where a funny idea that should really just be a sketch is stretched out and milked for every last joke. I love Wilson, Ed Helms is fine, and JK Simmons can do anything he wants, but this just looks below average. Thank god they got hot comedy star Katt Williams though!


CANNOT BE MORE HYPE. You can read our write-up on the trailer here.


Yo, those BWAAAAAAAM’s are so out of place. Inception still got a hold on the scores for every movie. Anyway, Gotti looks like your standard mafia pic, a little reminiscent of Black Mass, with less star power. John Travolta hasn’t been in a good movie in, hell, like 17 years? I don’t even know. But it doesn’t look entirely terrible, so Travolta’s stint on FX’s OJ show helped him get something decent. Good on him, and here’s to hoping this delves a bit deeper than retreading every other mafia picture ever made.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

They’re still going after that YA novel crowd, huh? Even after that Divergent, Insurgent, Washing Detergent series bombed and had to reroute to becoming a TV movie? Interesting. I’m pretty over all the Hunger Games ripoffs (honestly, was over it after the second Hunger Games), so I won’t bother with this. But, hey, if teens in futuristic, dystopian stress is your thing, enjoy.

Peaky Blinders: Season 4

Not a Peaky Blinders watcher, but everyone I know that has watched it is in love. Someday I will give it a chance, and with a new season coming soon, now might be that time.

Red Oaks: Season 3

Red Oaks is a supremely underappreciated show. It’s a throwback to the 80’s with a John Hughes vibe that makes you long for the peak high school dramedy days. Amazon has done a fantastically terrible job promoting it each season and a low viewership makes it sound as if this will be its last. Catch up soon so you can enjoy the end before it’s taken from us.


Dang, Tim Riggins looks ROUGH. Taylor Kitsch donning that pedophile look is a stark contrast to all his other roles, but good on him. He’s a good actor but people give him shit because, frankly, he picked some terrible movies to lead. Any of those movies you could throw in any attractive white male and it’s the same exact thing. He never had a chance to show range or ability. But he’s got it, and now he’s going to flaunt it. A pretty stacked cast for cable TV series, especially on the freshly rebranded Paramount Network (formerly SpikeTV) should catch plenty of people’s attention. Mix it with an entertaining true story (I will always watch something about cults) and Paramount might have a hit on their hands.


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