GlitchCast E01 – A Podcast By GlitchUp!

A weekly breakdown of news, trailers, and a featured review!


Presenting GlitchCast, the official podcast of GlitchUp. Coming at you every week (hopefully), Andy and Austin (and future special guests) break down all the movie and TV news worthy of your attention and will always end with a review of the latest release. Infusing humor and half baked insight into the bustling world of Hollywood news, sit back and enjoy the ramblings of two guys who love to watch it all.

GlitchCast – Episode 1

GlitchCast Episode 1 IT Movie

We’ve pivoted to audio! Kicking off the first ever GlitchCast we talk everything from JJ Abrams to the Lore TV adaptation (officially the only podcast about podcast adaptations) and end with our reviews of IT and mother! Spoilers abound from 31:13 on.


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