First Images of David Harbour (Stranger Things) as Hellboy


Hellboy is getting an R rated reboot, and we have the first images of David Harbour, who you’ll recognize from his portrayal of chief Jim Hopper on Stranger Things. Small differences like slightly larger horn stubs, and longer hair are some things fans have noticed, but we’ll have to wait for a teaser to see more.

The reboot has gotten the attention of fans in that it will be R rated, Ron Perlman (who portrayed Hellboy in the last two films) will not be attached, and due to some casting drama. Ed Skrein (original Daario in GOT), was originally cast in an Asian role. He stepped down from the role and wrote an open letter, urging the studio to cast a more appropriate actor. Daniel Dae Kim (Jin from LOST), was cast weeks later.

While we loved the Perlman led, and Del Toro directed Hellboy’s, casting has been on point for this one, and Neil Marshall is directing which as us legit spooked with excitement. A handful of things you’d know Neil Marshall for are: The Descent – a claustrophobic cave horror and one of the best scary movies of all time, and two of your favorite Game of Thrones episodes ever: The Watchers of the Wall (2014), and Blackwater (2012).

Check out the first two images below!


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