Movie Trailer Roundup: September 8th


A big week for trailers, primed and ready to go to get your night started. Stephen King adaptations and future Oscar fare line the newest crop this week, along with some parents are crazy movies for the whole fam. Check them all out below!

Gerald’s Game

Mike Flanagan, the man behind two of the better horror movies of the last few years (Oculus and Hush) is behind this one, adapting a Stephen King story. I…truly do not know what to say about this trailer. It starts strong but veers into weird, psychological fantasy world territory that I don’t think I can get on board with.

The Current War

Oh man, get ready for some goddamn acting. Michael Shannon and Benedict Cumberbatch in a period piece is some stage dream shit. Period piece, a murderer’s row of actors, and fascinating history place this right in the Oscar’s wheelhouse.


Harry Potter with a questionable accent meets The Revenant. Consider me intrigued.

Jeepers Creepers 3

Look, the first Jeepers Creepers is still entertaining to this day, and the second is whatever. We do not need some direct to DVD sequel for this story, 10 years after the fact. Not helping the case is that this trailer looks dogshit and the director is a disgusting pedophile. Couldn’t get much worse.


Netflix might move into legitimizing their standing as a production company with Mudbound. The Academy has shown no regard for Netflix’s original movies to this point other than some short documentaries. Without true theatrical releases they aren’t even technically allowed into consideration. But, Netflix nabbed the Sundance darling and is planning a theatrical release to push it into Oscar contention. Based on the trailer and reviews out of Sundance, Netflix could very well be walking away with a set of hardware next February.

A Bad Moms Christmas

I wasn’t particularly impressed with Bad Moms, maybe because it just felt like another shitty comedy. Maybe it was shitty because it was meant to be a reversal of the formula that focuses on men being dumb, bad people yet decided to employ two men to write and direct it. Maybe some funny women should have tackled it. I don’t know. But I understand why it gets this sequel. It looks whatever, but more interesting is how it relates to another comedy sequel coming out this winter. Just look below.

Daddy’s Home 2

Weird, dumb dads whose dads visit! Where have I seen something similar? Oh, right, weird, dumb moms whose moms visit! Wow. Crazy. The chemistry between Ferrell and Wahlberg put this higher on my list, but it is hilariously dumb how similar the premises between this and A Bad Moms Christmas are.


The western genre has seen a nice uptick recently and Christian Bale is full on made for it. God bless this movie. This looks incredible and I have no clue what the actual plot is supposed to be. Everything from the score to cinematography looks amazing. Gimme that Oscar buzz.

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Hahahahahahaha, I can’t help but laugh but I am weirdly into this. Can’t be a worse Christmas movie than any of The Santa Clauses.

Insidious: The Last Key

Kind of weird how Insidious went from a haunted house/haunted family story to being the psychic’s story. The keys for fingers thing isn’t as unsettling as I think the creatives imagine it would’ve been but there will most definitely be a fair amount of OK scares. I just don’t think the psychic character is or ever was that interesting so centering the movie around her isn’t exactly pulling me in.

Lady Bird

This is very much an A24 movie. Indie AF. Lady Bird looks wonderfully endearing, sweet, and funny. That cast is filled with great young talent from Saiorse Ronan (Brooklyn), Timothee Chalamet (the upcoming Oscar buzzing Call Me By Your Name) and Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea) to even Jonah Hill’s sister. It’s generating a fair amount of buzz and if given solid marketing could be a unsuspected highlight of the winter season.

South Park

South Park sucked last season. It went into a very longform, connective story centered around trolls and the election. Sure, it maybe got kind of thrown off by the surprise Trump victory but they make these things on the fly, they could’ve easily gone back to their roots of singular episodes and been more successful. Luckily, they are going against that season long arc and transitioning away from the more politically charged jokes and storylines. It’ll always be one of the funniest shows on TV, but returning to its original form could boost it back to being THE funniest.


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