New Nintendo Switch Exclusive Rocket League Cars Revealed

Wow! Wow! Wow! No Way! Nice One! Siiick!

mario luigi rocket league cars

The first details of exclusive cars and items for the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League have been revealed in a brand new trailer. The trailer, which starts out with the familiar tune from Super Mario Bros, reveals a new body design for a Mario & Luigi car, and a Samus’ Battle Car from the Metroid series.

The Mario & Luigi cars are actually the exact same, aside from the colors, and will be determined by what team you are on (Blue or Orange). The real star here, Samus’s battle car, will have a different color as well but they haven’t revealed it just yet. Each car has it’s own brand new boost, and there are also Mario & Luigi ‘hats’ confirmed as well. Mario & Luigi’s new boosts are ‘Super Star trail’ while Samus’ Gunship has a ‘Wave Beam’.

The Switch version of the game releases Holiday 2017, and cross play with Xbox has been confirmed. Here at GlitchUp, we were hoping for a bit of F-Zero representation, specifically the Blue Falcon, but we think Psyonix might still have something up their sleeve.

Other small tidbits:

  • In a crossplay scenario, an Xbox user will unfortunately, as of now, NOT see these cars in-game.
  • These cars will likely not be fully customizable, so no Black Market Decals or color tweaks, etc.
  • It looks like each car has a set of new wheels, with Samus’ battle cars looking especially ‘Siiiiick’.


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