Check Out the Radical 90’s Themed Feature Trailer for the Super NES Classic Edition

Sorry, you've already missed the pre-orders.


Ready to get hit in the gut with a fistful of nostalgia? The Super NES Classic Edition is heading to stores on September 29th, and bringing with it 21 games all packed in a tiny retro package. Nintendo has just released a new ‘features’ trailer for it’s tiny old school system that gives you some insight into some options you’ll have when playing your favorite SNES classics. Some notable features include:

  • Save states that allows you to save at anytime. Is the highlight of your life beating Bowser in Super Mario World? Create a save state right before you beat him so you can replay the moment you peaked over and over again.
  • Choose your own border frames. Plenty of options you can choose to make sure you’re as stylish as possible.
  • Rewind feature. Did you miss that jump and had only 1 live left? Go ahead and take another shot at it by rewinding and trying again.
  • 21 games built into the system, waiting for you to relive your classic memories.

Interestingly enough some games that required the ‘Super FX’ chip are included in the system. These games are notoriously difficult to get running correctly on newer hardware which is why they are almost always absent from Nintendo’s own eShop. Most notable here is the release of a brand new SNES game in 2017: Star Fox 2. The Super NES Classic Edition is the only legal way to play the game and is a pretty nice bow to what looks to be a stellar package. If you want to read a more in-depth breakdown and some hands-on impressions, check out Polygon’s article.

Hopefully Nintendo is working on improving stock and availability for this sure to be popular console. As I write this article, pre-orders have already gone up and sold out, all while the majority of the American market was asleep. Not off to a great start.


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