Xbox One X Pre-Order Information Coming This Weekend?

It it possible they named it 'Xbox One X' JUST so the acronym comes out to 'XBOX'?

Xbox One X
Lets add another X on it. That'll be cool!

If you’ve been hungry to put your hard earned cash down on an Xbox One X, you might be in luck as it looks like Microsoft is getting ready to start accepting pre-orders for the new console. The Verge’s Tom Warren tweeted yesterday that pre-orders will be open starting on Sunday, August 20th. This would fall directly after Microsoft’s Gamescom press conference/event. Shortly after this news broke, the official Xbox Twitter account shared some more teases that they have some exciting things in store for this Sunday.

Check out Microsoft’s Gamescom event this Sunday at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 8 PM BST, and be the first to know all the details. If all this excitement has given you an eXtreme appitite, make sure you refuel by chowing down on some ‘Xbox One Doritos‘.



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