The It Trailer Recreated With The Cat In The Hat


After the first It trailer hit the internet back in April, people went crazy. A beloved classic brought to life for modern audiences with a terrifying, unsettling trailer is a recipe for grabbing attention. Horror fans rejoiced after months of worry over the final product. From the departure of Cary Fukanaga to studio qualms and the always up-in-the-air quality of a Stephen King adaptation, there was more than enough to make people tense about. But the phenomenal trailer put that to ease.

It was great, and as a horror junkie it was exhilarating to see something that is bound to scare the shit out of me. I truly haven’t been more excited for a movie than I am for It in a long, long time.

All that said, how do you make something so great even greater? Apparently, you twist it into a Dr. Seuss story.

Popping up on Youtube after the first trailer dropped, the It trailer recreated with The Cat In The Hat rose to the tune of 3 million views. Subbing out Pennywise, the titular It, for Mike Myers’ Cat in the Hat and adding in some Dr. Seuss style setting does wonders. Equal parts funny and actually kind of scary at the same time makes this a must-watch.

Check it out below:

And with this kind of inspiration, an idea is born. I want to announce our first recurring series here on GlitchUp: The Casting Director.

In this series of thought experiments, each of us will become The Casting Director, taking hold of a movie or TV show and recasting a role in it to make it better or more interesting. So, although Daniel Craig has been great, casting Henry Cavill as James Bond is a match made in heaven in my mind. Or, put Brendan Fraser in every movie ever and it’s automatically Oscar quality. Things like that.

Or we may just take a role that was recast and think out how it would’ve played had it not been. We might look at who was a frontrunner for a role but turned it down and how taking the role could have changed the movie and career. In the hypothetical space, anything is possible. Sometimes the real life decisions are equally intriguing.

Be on the lookout for the first one in the coming weeks, and let us know if you have any dream castings/re-castings you want us to tackle.



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