Nathan For You Season 4 Trailer: Nathan vs. Uber, Asexual Computer Repair, and Much More Nathan For You

Nathan for you season 4

It’s been nearly 2 years since the last Nathan For You episode aired, and judging from the latest trailer it will be worth the wait. For those who have never seen the show, check out the intro here, but in short: Nathan Fielder is a Canadian comedian who ‘helps’ local businesses drum up businesses with ‘great’ new ideas. His deadpan delivery of these truly awful ideas to real people who own real businesses is the true brilliance here. Previous ideas include: tying balloons to overweight people so they can ride horses, parodying Starbucks to he could use their name and calling the coffee shop ‘Dumb Starbucks’, and providing a gas station rebate that can only be claimed at the top of a mountain.

In the Season 4 trailer, it looks like we can expect:

  • Nathan vs. Uber
  • Asexual computer repair (what???)
  • Sneaking chili into a stadium via a fat suit to sell
  • A smoke detector that plays the blues
  • An attempt to help a Bill Gates impersonator find his long lost love?

Check out the trailer below, and shoot us a tweet with your favorite Nathan For You segment! Ours has to be the Season 3 finale, where Nathan undergoes a full transformation to impersonate a less than interesting person, woo’s a girlfriend for him, and becomes a local hero by tight-roping in front of hundreds. Upon finishing his tight-rope act, he vanishes, and the real person comes out to win the girl. Awkwardness ensues.

Nathan For You Season 4 hits September 28. And on September 21, revisit your favorite clients from past seasons on the hour-long special, Nathan For You: A Celebration.



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